Family Partnership Council

The Family Partnership Council provides the opportunity for an organized group of families to be engaged and work together to bring support to one another and to actively participate to improve resident and family experiences consistent with our Mission, Values, and Person-Centered Care philosophy.

The Family Partnership Council seeks to create a safe, vibrant, and supportive long-term care home for residents, families, and staff. The primary goals of the Family Partnership Council include:

     • Support: Provide support to family members and offer guidance to new families during their transition to long-term care.

     • Education: Make available a mechanism to learn and gain an understanding of the home and how it operates.

     • Problem-solving: Advocate for solutions to collective concerns to improve residents’ quality of life.

     • Communication: Facilitate dialogue and share information about what is happening in the home.

Who are we?

The Family Partnership Council is a group of family members and friends of the residents of a long-term care home who gather for support, education, and dialogue to improve the experiences of all people in long-term care.

Current Members:

Rob Fiander (Chair)

Dave McAuley

Joe Brooks

Hannah Boucher

Michele Legere

Alison Newton

Tricia Kelly

Jenn Shannon

Meaghan Douthwright

Interested in joining Family Partnership Council?

Contact Alison for more information: | 506-643-7175 ext 6920

View our Terms of Reference for more information about Family Partnership Council

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