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Loch Lomond Villa is committed to enhancing the health and wellness of older adults across the globe. The Loch Lomond Villa Research Program conducts high quality research that seeks to improve health outcomes and quality of life for older adults living in long term care and those living independently. Although Loch Lomond Villa has always been passionate about taking an active role in research and providing care that is evidence based, our Research Program was officially incepted in September 2018. Since it’s inception, Loch Lomond Villa Research has become a community catalyst for health research and innovations that serve to benefit older adults in Saint John, and beyond.

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Loch Lomond Villa Research Team

Kate Ellis

Kate is the Research & Quality Coordinator at Loch Lomond Villa. Within this role, she manages research activities at Loch Lomond Villa and works with the clinical team to manage quality data. She has a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Kate’s career has been focused on conducting high quality health research and knowledge translation activities. She has multiple peer reviewed publications, several published articles, and numerous published abstracts. She recently received 1st place at Royal Roads University’s 3-Minute Thesis Competition, where she presented findings from her Master’s Thesis.

Nick Lignos

Nicholas Lignos is a research assistant for the NB HEARS research project at Loch Lomond Villa. Nick received his Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology and Psychology from the University of New Brunswick. He has been involved with various research projects at Loch Lomond Villa including Ambient Activities ABBY project and the Routinify project. Most recently, he switched his focus to the NB HEARS projected aimed to help seniors within the Saint John area combat the effects of hearing loss.

Angie Ryan

Angela Ryan, LPN- is the Research Interventionist as part of Loch Lomond Villa Inc. research project NB HEARS. Her work will focus on teaching and observing the effects of free hearing devices provided for individuals 60 years old and up & the impact it has on their quality of life, through the promotion of better hearing and communication. She is an LPN with 38 years of clinical experience in a variety of clinical settings; primarily geriatrics with a focus on rehabilitation in a nursing home environment , at present, while having worked previously at  physicians practices , public health and community health clinics, local hospitals  & Canadian Blood Services  while acquiring numerous skills and experience.  While at Loch Lomond Villa, an accredited facility of Planetree International; she has been the recipient of the 2016 Planetree International Award.

Derek Gauthier

Derek Gauthier is a research assistant for the new project at the Loch Lomond Villa, Navigating the Patchwork: A holistic approach for living well for older adults in our community. Derek is completing his bachelor’s degree in Gerontology from the University of Laurentian (anticipated 2021), and possesses 2 diplomas, Culinary Management & Baking and Pastry arts from Niagara College’s Food & Wine Institution (2016). When Derek is not in the research office, he is involved working with the Volunteer service team & the Recreational team here at the Loch Lomond Villa.

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Looking to learn more about research at Loch Lomond Villa, or collaborate on a research project? Get in touch with Kate Ellis at 506 643 7175 EXT 6925 OR KEllis@LochLomondVilla.com.

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