Current Research Projects


The New Brunswick HEARS (Hearing Equality through Accessible Research and Solutions) research project involves the use of technology and behavioral training for the aging population. It is a collaboration between Loch Lomond Villa, Baycrest, the Hearing Foundation of Canada, and Johns Hopkins University. NB HEARS is funded through the Healthy Seniors Pilot Project grants provided by the federal government. The use of hearing amplification devices aims to provide better quality communication and are designed to address the concern of untreated hearing loss among older adults. This research aims to determine what the impact of both technological and behavioral interventions can have on individuals over the age of 60s physical health and social well-being. We anticipate that this will result in improved communication, social engagement, and health-related quality of life for those participating in the project.

Anyone interested in participating should contact Nick Lignos at or 506 643 7175 EXT 6914

Digital Literacy

The Digital Literacy for Seniors project is funded through the New Horizons for Seniors Program and the LTC+ seed funding offered through the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement. It is focused on supporting seniors during this time of social distancing and self-isolation. Through this project, the Loch Lomond Villa will be piloting a remote learning program for seniors in the community. The aim of the program is to enhance digital literacy (the skills and knowledge needed to use technology such as tablets, phones, and computers) among seniors in the community to ensure the accessibility of virtual tools that help to prevent social isolation, assist seniors is performing daily tasks, and promote community connection. The program will be delivered through a combination of one-on-one phone sessions, facilitated remote group tutorials and practice sessions, and by providing an educational resource in the form of a workbook. Providing opportunities for seniors to engage in the virtual world is always important, but now more than ever, is an essential piece in keeping people connected.

Volunteers in this program have been trained and certified through Connected Canadians.

To obtain a FREE Digital Literacy manual, that can help you or your loved one navigate your technology, click here.

Anyone interested in participating, or who would like to receive a hard copy of the digital literacy manual, should contact Brooke Cheeks at or 506 643 7175 EXT 6913.

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