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Nursing Homes Without Walls

Nursing Homes Without Walls (NHWW) is a new initiative from Loch Lomond Villa and the Department of Social Development to support seniors to age in place. The purpose of NHWW is to help seniors in the community access services that are available to them, including:

– Social activities

– Home support services

– Education and information on ageing well

– Provincial and Federal programs

For more information about Nursing Homes Without Walls, contact Nicole Hodd at 506-643-7175 EXT 6913 or, or visit our Facebook or Twitter pages.          


Falls and Prevention Surveys

Researchers from Loch Lomond Villa, Trauma NB, and UNB are investigating falls and prevention for older adults that are community-dwelling and living in long term care. The purpose of the Falls and Prevention Survey is to investigate the demand for an evidence-based falls and prevention program for community-dwelling older adults and those living in a long-term care setting in New Brunswick.

For more information, contact Hannah Boucher at or 506-643-7175 EXT 6918

Personhood Profiles

The Resident One-Page Personhood Profiles, adapted from Person Centred Universe, are used to help improve the quality of life for people living in long-term care who are living with dementia or other health conditions that make it more difficult to express their needs. The Personhood Profiles give others specific strategies from the resident or family members to support the residents’ needs and goals. The three core elements of the profiles are:

1. What people like and admire about me

2. What is important to me

3. How to best support me

The Personhood Profiles are designed to help people connect with and support the resident when caring for them. The information will provide ways to ensure the resident is experiencing the best care possible for them, as well as things that are important to the resident to have a good day and ways to support them when they’re having a bad day.

Mobile X-Ray Evaluation

The Research Team at Loch Lomond Villa was asked to conduct an evaluation of the implementation of the Extra-Mural Program Mobile X-ray Service for the Department of Health. The team will use surveys and focus groups as the mobile service is introduced to various health zones around the province to look at the scale and spread of the implementation and perceived success from care staff, residents, families, ordering prescribers, and program staff. The team looks to begin data collection in the spring once X-ray technologists have been trained and the service has been operating in zones for a couple months, and to report the findings in the fall of 2024.

For more information, contact Hannah Boucher at or 506-643-7175 EXT 6918

UNB Long Term Care Simulation Lab

The UNB Long Term Care Simulation lab is a realistic research space intended to mimic the environment of a resident’s room in a long term care setting. This lab is intended to conduct realistic research in a long term care setting that can be translated into best practices in nursing homes, special care homes, and even homecare settings. The lab is modeled after a 2-bed nursing home suite, using Loch Lomond Villa’s rooms as a model and uses life-like simulation mannikins to simulate the clinical experiences of a long term care resident. This lab was developed by Dr. Rose McCloskey and a team of dedicated researchers, including Dr. Karen Furlong, Dr. Chola Shamputa, and Dr. Lynn Nagle and is a partnership between UNB and Loch Lomond Villa. This project was funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation, the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, the Province of New Brunswick, and BIRD Construction. This lab officially opened on July 9th, 2021. The research team currently has ongoing research through the lab, but it is also available for other researchers to use or for educational purposes. To learn more about how you can access the lab for your own research or education programs, please contact Dr. Rose McCloskey at

The simulation lab has been in the media! Check out these articles about the UNB Long Term Care Simulation Lab from UNB, CTV, Global TV, CBC, CHSJ News, and the Telegraph Journal.

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